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Magnifiers and optics

Model: 344396
Compact pocket magnifier with 7x magnification. Aspheric lens made of acrylic glass. Lens diameter 35 mm (1 1/8"). The white LED lamp provides uniform illumination. Incl. 3 batteries (AAA). Magnification: 7x Lens diameter: 35 mm..
Model: 338880
Handy pull-out magnifier with LED illumination. 2 lenses: 10X magnification (21 mm lens diameter/ 4 / 5 ") and 30X magnification (12 mm lense diameter/ 1 / 2 "). Distortion-free image up to edge of lens. Incl. longwave UV lamp for examining e.g. stamps and banknotes. Magnification: 10x and ..
Model: 329828
Battery operated. Magnification: 10x Lens diameter: 18 mm..
Model: 360758
Foldaway pocket magnifier with 3x magnification and black leather protective case. The high-quality glass lens (diameter: 40 mm / 1 5/8") provides an image without edge distortion. High-gloss polished metallic lens frame. No sharp edges. Fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the soft leathe..
Model: 367122
Elegant handle magnifier with gold tone metal frame and wood handle in rosewood optic. High quality glass lens with 3x magnification. Magnification: 3x Lens diameter: 50 mm..
Model: 339919
Stainless steel frame with acrylic housing and 2 aspheric lens. 3 lighting functions: powerful 3-LED flash light (sideways), 1-LED research light (down), simple 395nm long-wave UV light (down). Also includes pull-out mini ball-point pen and leatherette case. 3 LR927 batteries incl. Magnification:..
Model: 326732
Folding magnifier, metal - matt black lacquered, measuring scale in inches/mm. Magnification: 5x Lens diameter: 28 mm Code: 326732..
Model: 305995
Practical zoom microscope with many possible applications from stamp, coin and currency collecting to school, studies, and leisure. Outstanding clarity of image and resolution. Powerful LED enables illumination of the research object (comes with 3x LR44 batteries). Includes object holder. Magnifi..
Model: 321419
Pull-out magnifier with LED. Black matt plastic housing. 1 powerful LED. Incl. 3 LR1130 batteries. Magnification: 20x Lens diameter: 21 mm Dimensions: 54 x 34 x 23 mm Code: 321419..
Model: 325816
Built-in magnifier with 15 mm diameter and 5x magnification. 150 mm ruler also integrated. Crystal clear acrylic. Magnification: 2.5x Lens size: 24 x 210 mm Code: 325816..
Model: 325392
LED illuminated magnifier. Glare-free illumination with 6 LEDs. Brushed aluminum casing. High-quality glass lens. Incl. 2 AA batteries and padded protective case. Magnification: 3.2x Lens diameter: 37 mm Overall length: 173 mm Code: 325392..
Model: 333010
4.75 dioptre, spherical, acrylic lens. Magnification: 2x Lens diameter: 90 mm Code: 333010..
Model: 316350
Credit card-sized wallet magnifier. Also fits pocketbooks. Integrated powerful LED with built-in battery. Leatherette slipcase incl. Magnification: 3x Lens diameter: 33 mm Sizes: 54x84x4 mm Code: 316350..
Model: 324404
Light-weight and pocket size. Aspheric lens made of acrylic glass. LED technology. Includes two batteries (AAA). Magnification: 6x Lens diameter: 35 mm Dimensions: 132 x 45 x 25 mm Code: 324404..
Model: 313090
Handy pocket microscope with numerous applications ranging from examining stamps, coins and bank notes, to minerals, small electronic components, and more. Outstanding clarity of image and resolution. Powerful LED illumination enables viewing even in poor lighthing conditions (3 x LR41 batteries inc..
Model: 311360
Table/ Clamp magnifier with adjustable arm. Can be clamped onto tables or other work surfaces and secured with fold-out support feet. Flexible yet sturdy metal arm.  Integrated small lens with 13/16" (21 mm) diameter and 5x magnification. 2 white LEDs. Includes 3 AAA batteries. Magnification..
Model: 322400
First-class acrylic lens and ergonomically designed stainless steel handle. Sleek look. Excellent optical qualities.  2 extra bright LEDs. Includes 3x button cell SR 54 and soft protective pouch.Magnification: 2.5x Lens diameter: 90 mm Code: 322400..
Model: 325852
Aluminum overlay magnifier. With integrated inch- and mm-scale for easy measuring. Optimal illumination from 3 white LEDs. Includes 2 AA batteries and padded protective case. Magnification: 8x Lens diameter: 30 mm Viewing surface: 20 x 20 mm Code: 325852..
Model: 301472
With acrylic lens, 5.25 dioptre, spherical. Magnification: 2.5x Lens diameter: 75 mm Code: 301472..
Model: 332680
This exquisite desk accessory is both useful and elegant. Genuine wood stand with felt-lined bottom (5 x 2 3/8 x 21/4”/ 130 x 60 x 57mm). Gold-plated metal magnifier rests comfortably on stand and can be easily removed and returned into carved grooves. Wide-view crystal lens. Magnification: 4x L..
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